Monday, August 31, 2009

Mara's 5 Tier Skirt - Instructions

Wanna Make This??I used 5 Fat Quarters of Fabric
Fold in half width wise (so the selvage matches up)
Trim off edges. Make sure that you have at least 8 inches in the width before you trim. Fat Quarters will have the EXACT amount of fabric that you need, so remember, measure twice, cut once!
After trimming the frayed edges, I cut the fabric on the selvage ends to measure 19 inches long.
Then I cut it into 4 inch strips.
When you are done cutting all the fabric you will have 12 strips of your main fabric and 8 strips of your coordinating fabric.

First Tier - 2 Strips
Second Tier - 3 Strips
Third Tier - 4 Strips
Fourth Tier - 5 Strips
Fifth Tier - 6 Strips

Place your fabric right sides together, sew a 1/2 inch seam.
Press seams open.
How to Ruffle:
Use your longest stitch and stitch on the 1/4 inch mark
(I like to have it run right by the foot)
And a second stitch on the 1/2 inch mark. (Make sure NOT to back stitch)
Hold onto the top strings and pull the fabric the opposite direction to ruffle. Do this on both sides until it's even throughout.
(You don't have to ruffle it too much, so don't over-do it)
Ruffle the second layer to match the first in length.
Pin together
Sew together with a 1/2 inch seam.
Sew a wide zig-zag to keep fabric together (if you have a serger, do that!)
The first two tiers!!
Follow the ruffle instructions for tiers 3, 4, and 5.
(Make sure to not ruffle too much, or you'll have to re-pin a bunch!)
Once done sewing all tiers together. Match up sides and pin together.
Sew a 1/2 inch seam and press open.
On the bottom layer fold fabric over twice for a small hem.
Sew hem at 1/4 inch.
Finished hem.
To place elastic, fold top tier over 1/4 inch, press, then fold and press again about 3/4 - 1 inch. Enough to feed your elastic through.
Sew the top hem, but make sure to leave a space about 1-1 & 1/2 inches wide to feed elastic through.
Like this:
Mara's waist is about 22 inches, so I cut my elastic about 23 inches, so I can overlap it.
It's easy to feed elastic with a safety pin.
When you get near the end of the elastic, pin the end so it doesn't go through the waist hem.
After you have feed it through, overlap your elastic about 1 inch and sew together.
(I like to pin it together and try it on Mara so I can make sure it's the right size for her waist)
After sewing the elastic together, sew up the hole.
I like to sew the elastic at the seam, so it won't move around and twist. I also pull the elastic tight, so the skirt ruffles evenly, then sew it again at the back seam.
Here's the finished product!!!
Finished length is about 14 inches
Then it's time to have a photo shoot of what you've made :)


  1. I LOVE this skirt...I do have one question. I have been seeing the "FAT QUARTER" a lot lately. For those of us that PRETEND to know how to sew...what exactly does that mean...I know I am a dork but I have not a clue. Thanks so much.
    Abbi Penn

  2. that's my favorite skirt so far! look at you and your sewing skills!!!! i don't know any of the "terms" used!! you'll have to teach me! it's so so super cute!

  3. thanks for the instructions--hopefully I'll get to Julia's skirts next week!

  4. I love the skirt!!! Too bad I don't have a girl to make one for. Maybe I'll make one for my niece. So adorable!

  5. You are wonderful! I'm really going to make one! (I just don't know how soon.) Thanks for the instructions!

  6. Good job girl! Super cute skirt,and I think my favorite thing is that CUTE Mara belly!

  7. Great job, and great tutorial! You really kept all the details in mind.

  8. yeah for step by step with photos! that is the only way I follow a pattern these days!

  9. Abbi - A fat quarter is like having a yard of fabric and cutting it into 4 squares. So it's a half of a half yard, or a Fat Quarter!